Thursday, October 24, 2013


Setting: The Plaza, an outdoor mall and apartments.

Plot Ideas:

Scientist attempting to cultivate the perfect race attracts people with nice work environments and cheap housing. In order to obtain a job you must take a drug test which is in actuality just a ploy to get a profile of your DNA if you have negative dormant genes you are not hired, if you have more active genes in the areas which would make you superior you are definitely hired, people with no negative dormant genes are hired based on merit. His idea is that if people work together and live together they will be more likely to "breed" with each other (interbreeding populace).

Scientist is descendant of  Alfred Russel Wallace who is credited as the independent co-discoverer of the natural selection. It's one of the great stories of biology that Wallace came to Darwin with this wonderful idea which Darwin, actually, had been working on, but not publishing, for years previously (Darwin was delaying publication until he had as air-tight a case for evolution by natural selection as possible). Wallace, through his generosity, agreed to delay publication so that Darwin could present the theory publicly on the same occasion.

dormant genes

rejuvenate our body and reinvigorate our life

Negative hereditary genes

heart disease

activation causes

environmental stresses
a gene in yeast (activation transcription factor-2 or ATF-2) modifications

Side effects

physiological role of ATF-2, especially in the brain, is unknown
decreased sleep time (time of bout not number of bouts)
increased sleep time (time of bout not number of bouts)
affected the sleep rebound after sleep deprivation and the arousal threshold
negatively regulated locomotor activity  (activated by the locomotor while it increases sleep)

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