Friday, October 25, 2013

Barter Bob's Import Grocer

At Barter Bob’s, the initial idea was to bring in ingredients and food items that the area was unfamiliar with prior to this store. There was a purpose behind the items chosen to help keep any genetic anomalies from occurring to the residents of the town (i.e. diabetic or being overweight).

The food that is sold in the store is sometimes not what it would appear to the normal customers. There is a group of scientists behind what is actually being grown and created as ingredients. Depending on where the food items are imported from there are a few other towns that also have included modified foods (but kept it a secret).

When specific foods from Barter Bob’s and certain foods from other manipulated areas are mixed (eaten together or as a part of someone’s regular diet) some adverse side effects or unanticipated changes occurred.

Bob, the owner of the store is rarely seen and has a very mysterious life that most people don’t know anything about.

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