Friday, October 25, 2013

Ken Brickman

The assistant manager, Ken Brickman, has been working here for a long 7 years. It was originally a part-time job he worked around the local community college and it became a job with more hours, more responsibility until he was no longer in school and he was working here full time. None of his dreams for a career lie within the walls of this grocery store, but every time he starts to find a job elsewhere some aspect of life comes in and makes it difficult for him to leave a job that he securely has and feels safe and competent in keeping. The grocery store carries a lot of the town’s imported food items. Because they specialize in non-local items, there are opportunities for the manager and assistant manager to travel to other areas to scout out potential items to sell in the store.

 *Ken has a prior relationship with the research professor at Woodstone, where he just graduated. His complicated past is what has really made a job search so difficult.

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