Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Magic Shop

Name: Enchantment

Sells both magic tricks and magic spell type stuff. Trick stuff in front and spell stuff behind sheer curtain. Fairy theme. First floor is the store, second floor is the apartment.


Employees: Selene Destine

Noah Lawrence Bradshaw

Noah Lawrence Bradshaw

Age: 27

Appearance: 5'10" Medium build. Shoulder length brown slightly wavy hair. Beard. Brown eyes. Often wears a tweed jacket over a t-shirt and jeans.

Lives: Alone with just a cat in a one bedroom "cheap" apt.

Noah's Arcade

The video game store

Name: Noah's Arcade

new games on the first level

retro games on the second level

also upstairs is a small area where you can chill and play retro games with multiple tvs couches, bean bags, and a coffee table that is a huge Nintendo controller.

Proprietor: Noah Lawrence Bradshaw


Friday, October 25, 2013

Woodstone College

Woodstone College is located on the outskirts of the town, and nearly all up and coming college students will attend this college. The college specializes in the sciences, but also offers studies in business and arts.

The professors of the college are all the head of research in their field of study, and have ongoing research so that they can publish their work.

The college has a secondary secret location right in the heart of the town. It is hidden in plain sight within the store fronts. There are walls between the shops that are actually 6 feet wide that lead underground to an entire research facility. There are few people privy to this site, and even fewer who really know what experiments are done. Many of the scientists doing work in the hidden site don't know the true purpose.

Barter Bob's Import Grocer

At Barter Bob’s, the initial idea was to bring in ingredients and food items that the area was unfamiliar with prior to this store. There was a purpose behind the items chosen to help keep any genetic anomalies from occurring to the residents of the town (i.e. diabetic or being overweight).

The food that is sold in the store is sometimes not what it would appear to the normal customers. There is a group of scientists behind what is actually being grown and created as ingredients. Depending on where the food items are imported from there are a few other towns that also have included modified foods (but kept it a secret).

When specific foods from Barter Bob’s and certain foods from other manipulated areas are mixed (eaten together or as a part of someone’s regular diet) some adverse side effects or unanticipated changes occurred.

Bob, the owner of the store is rarely seen and has a very mysterious life that most people don’t know anything about.

Ken Brickman

The assistant manager, Ken Brickman, has been working here for a long 7 years. It was originally a part-time job he worked around the local community college and it became a job with more hours, more responsibility until he was no longer in school and he was working here full time. None of his dreams for a career lie within the walls of this grocery store, but every time he starts to find a job elsewhere some aspect of life comes in and makes it difficult for him to leave a job that he securely has and feels safe and competent in keeping. The grocery store carries a lot of the town’s imported food items. Because they specialize in non-local items, there are opportunities for the manager and assistant manager to travel to other areas to scout out potential items to sell in the store.

 *Ken has a prior relationship with the research professor at Woodstone, where he just graduated. His complicated past is what has really made a job search so difficult.

Sally Lewis

This character, Sally Lewis, is a shy and self-conscious young 20-something female. She is really into reading books because she gets along better with fictional characters than she does with actual people. She has two favorite subjects to read about: (1) scientific themed books about how the universe and earth evolve and were created and (2) scientific books about evolution and genetic changes amongst living creatures (humans and reptiles especially).

*Sally has a beginning relationship with the breeder at Selective Snakes. She asks a lot of questions because she does a lot of reading on the subject. The breeder doesn’t really know why he chooses particular traits over others. Because of this, he often shares information that is really more behind the scenes but he doesn’t have a clue what is really happening with selective breeding and research.

Byline Surprise Bookstore

This bookstore is a mix of newer, but mostly older literary works. If you are looking for any top-­seller books, you probably will not find it in this store. Sort of like a Half-Priced books store, but for the more obscure and lesser known authors of the world. The books here are party experimental writing, and college student published works of art through independent/self publishing.

This leaves a window open for a collection of books written by either (1) the same person evolving any number of plot lines or (2) multiple authors writing about a barely talked about similar idea that could be a significant discovery.

The bookstore has a fair number of customers, but most of them do not find anything or appreciate the type of books that are here and leave without purchases. A local community college or some other type of school in essence subsidizes and funds the entire shop. Perhaps this bookstore could get their main income by selling textbooks and all the other non-school texts are what we really want to concentrate on.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Selene Destine

Selene Destine

Age: 18

Family: Younger sister of Ranai and twin sister of Sirus Destine. Parents are Douglus and Katherine Destine.

Appearance: 5'4" slender build, Long (half way down her back) black hair with tiny sections of neon colored hair. Blue eyes. Dresses kind of girlie punk.

Interests/Personality: Sarcastic sense of humor,




Setting: The Plaza, an outdoor mall and apartments.

Plot Ideas:

Scientist attempting to cultivate the perfect race attracts people with nice work environments and cheap housing. In order to obtain a job you must take a drug test which is in actuality just a ploy to get a profile of your DNA if you have negative dormant genes you are not hired, if you have more active genes in the areas which would make you superior you are definitely hired, people with no negative dormant genes are hired based on merit. His idea is that if people work together and live together they will be more likely to "breed" with each other (interbreeding populace).

Scientist is descendant of  Alfred Russel Wallace who is credited as the independent co-discoverer of the natural selection. It's one of the great stories of biology that Wallace came to Darwin with this wonderful idea which Darwin, actually, had been working on, but not publishing, for years previously (Darwin was delaying publication until he had as air-tight a case for evolution by natural selection as possible). Wallace, through his generosity, agreed to delay publication so that Darwin could present the theory publicly on the same occasion.

dormant genes

rejuvenate our body and reinvigorate our life

Negative hereditary genes

heart disease

activation causes

environmental stresses
a gene in yeast (activation transcription factor-2 or ATF-2) modifications

Side effects

physiological role of ATF-2, especially in the brain, is unknown
decreased sleep time (time of bout not number of bouts)
increased sleep time (time of bout not number of bouts)
affected the sleep rebound after sleep deprivation and the arousal threshold
negatively regulated locomotor activity  (activated by the locomotor while it increases sleep)