Friday, October 25, 2013

Byline Surprise Bookstore

This bookstore is a mix of newer, but mostly older literary works. If you are looking for any top-­seller books, you probably will not find it in this store. Sort of like a Half-Priced books store, but for the more obscure and lesser known authors of the world. The books here are party experimental writing, and college student published works of art through independent/self publishing.

This leaves a window open for a collection of books written by either (1) the same person evolving any number of plot lines or (2) multiple authors writing about a barely talked about similar idea that could be a significant discovery.

The bookstore has a fair number of customers, but most of them do not find anything or appreciate the type of books that are here and leave without purchases. A local community college or some other type of school in essence subsidizes and funds the entire shop. Perhaps this bookstore could get their main income by selling textbooks and all the other non-school texts are what we really want to concentrate on.

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